Luxy Smart Light

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Luxy Smart Light is an innovative light source that gently illuminates in 16 million colours and has an integrated beeper.

It can be used standalone, as an ambient light or as a smart home device. Due to the integrated beeper, it enables a unique combination of sound and visual notifications.

Feel free to create different scenarios and time schedules to turn it ON/OFF and give a personal touch to any room.

Luxy Functionalities

Nr. 1 Turn ON/OFF the Luxy light

Dim the Luxy light

Nr. 2 Switch between the 4 lighting effects

(ocean, sunrise, rainbow, and nature)

Nr. 3 Turn ON/OFF the white light on the Luxy

Dim the Luxy light

Nr. 4 Start the colour spectrum and stop at the colour you wish
What can Luxy do? Without Smart Home With Smart Home
  Use it as a stand-alone product, e.g. an ambient light Connect it to a Z-Wave gateway and transform it into a smart home device
Control it with a hand, through 4 integrated touch-sensitive points on the surface
Control it with a smartphone  
Turn ON/OFF the Luxy light
Choose between the 16mio colours
Choose between the 4 lighting effects
Set a time schedule to turn ON/OFF the Luxy light in the colour and light intensity you wish  
Set a time schedule when the Luxy starts beeping  
Turn the Luxy light & sound ON when a motion sensor detects movement  
Set it as a visual & sound notification for a doorbell  
Set it as a visual & sound notification for a leakage detector  
+ other options to connect one of the 2700+ Z-Wave devices on the market  

Get started with Luxy

Luxy is designed in a way that it fits in the flush mounting boxes at the height of the light switch or where you usually have electrical sockets. This means, it can be quickly & easily installed anywhere in the house where you already have electricity or where you can easily pull additional wires.

Follow these simple steps to install it:

  1. Remove your standard wall switch or socket & replace it with Luxy Smart Light.
  2. Connect it according to the wiring diagram.
  3. Use Luxy as an ambient light, sound, and visual notifier.

Check out installation video: How to install Luxy Smart Light? – Installation Guidelines – YouTube