Luxy Smart Switch

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Luxy Smart Switch is the world’s first switch that gently illuminates in 16 million colours.

It can be used standalone as a switch to turn on/off the light connected to it and as an ambient light for a gentle illumination of your home.

Due to its connectivity, you can also use it as a smart home device and enjoy plenty of other functionalities it offers.

Feel free to create different scenarios and time schedules to turn it ON/OFF and give a personal touch to any room.

Check out how Luxy works:

How to use Luxy Smart Switch? – Complete video tutorial on Luxy Smart Switch functionalities – YouTube

Luxy Functionalities

1 A touch turns ON/OFF the light in your room, connected to Luxy
2 A touch turns ON/OFF the luxy light

Touch & hold – dim the Luxy light

3 A touch starts a lightning effect

The following touch switches between the lighting effects – sunrise, rainbow, nature, ocean

4 A touch turns ON/OFF the white light on the Luxy

Touch & hold – dim the white light on the Luxy

5 A touch starts the colour spectrum of the 16 mio shades

The following touch stops at the colour you wish

What can Luxy do? As a standard light switch As a smart switch
  Use it as a stand-alone product, e.g. an ambient light and a switch Connect it to a Z-Wave gateway and transform it into a smart home device
Control it with a hand, through 5 integrated touch-sensitive points on the surface
Control it with a smartphone  
Turn ON/OFF the device connected to Luxy
Turn ON/OFF the Luxy light
Run the colour spectrum of 16mio colours ⊗ 
Set one of the 4 lighting effects ⊗ 
Check the power consumption of the connected device (kWh & W)  
Set a time schedule to turn ON/OFF the load connected to Luxy  
Set a time schedule to turn ON/OFF the Luxy light in the colour and light intensity you wish  
Set it as a visual notification for a motion sensor  
Set it as a visual notification for a doorbell  
Set it as a visual notification for a leakage detector  
+ other options to connect one of the 2700+ Z-Wave devices on the market  

Get started with Luxy

Luxy is designed in a way that it fits in the flush mounting boxes at the height of the light switch or where you usually have electrical sockets. This means, it can be quickly & easily installed anywhere in the house where you already have electricity or where you can easily pull additional wires.

Follow these simple steps to install it:

  1. Remove your standard switch from the wall
  2. Replace it with Luxy Smart Switch & Connect it according to the wiring diagram
  3. Use Luxy to turn ON/OFF your lights or as an ambient light


Check out video installation:

How to install Luxy Smart Switch? – Installation Guidelines – YouTube