Qubino Mini Dimmer

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Qubino Mini Dimmer is smaller than any other wireless Z-Wave dimmer in the world. Because of its size, it fits in the smallest, most shallow, and crowded electrical boxes overflowing with wires.



Due to its size, Mini Dimmer offers you a quick&easy installation.

Check out the installation video.

Smart Lights with Smart Dimmer – Qubino Mini Dimmer – Installation Tutorial – YouTube

The 2-wire installation system is very common in the electrical wiring of older homes. Thanks to Qubino Mini Dimmer these can be turned into smart homes as efficiently as new houses. Mini Dimmer has been designed as a universal light dimmer. It does not require a neutral wire (N), so it will work in a 2-wire or 3-wire installation system.
Compared to other IoT devices on the market, that for its own functioning, consume between 0,6-1,5 W, Mini Dimmer consumes the least power – only 0.4 W. Why is this important? – According to statistics, we will have 20 billion IoT devices installed in 2020. If all these devices had a power consumption as low as Mini Dimmer – 0,4 W, we would need 4 GW less energy. As a comparison, a nuclear power plant produces approx. 700 MW/year, so this means a few nuclear stations worldwide, could be shut down.
 Qubino Mini Dimmer has an integrated protection fuse.

It complies to safety standards, is safe-to-use and you do not have to buy additional fuse to protect the electrical installation.

In order to be safe and eligible for selling on the market, all dimmers and similar devices must pass overcurrent tests, set by the international standard EN 60669-2-1. One of the ways to pass these tests and become a certified, “safe-to-use” device is, to have a built-in or external protection fuse to protect the dimmer and the light connected to the dimmer from damaging.

If your dimmer does not have a built-in fuse, make sure you buy an appropriate external fuse. Only by doing this your electrical installation will be 100% safe.

Qubino Mini Dimmer will calibrate to work with your specific type of bulb – from LEDs, CFL, halogen to incandescent bulbs. No matter what type of bulb you’re using, Mini Dimmer will bring a maximum amount of dimming range.
Your existing low wattage bulbs can be converted to smart lights with one switch. For example, if you have a 3W bulbs you will be able to dim lights easily with the Qubino Mini Dimmer, at the contrary of other similar devices available on the market.

With Mini Dimmer, you can connect and remotely control low wattage bulbs. There is no minimum load power required.

How it works?

Qubino wireless smart home devices are developed on world-known technology for smart homes – Z-Wave. Which means the Qubino devices connect with a smart home hub (gateway) that works also on Z-Wave technology. Through hub’s (gateway’s) App, we can add Qubino devices to the smart home network and control them with the smartphone or set schedules that automatically trigger devices on/off.

How to install?

Qubino devices communicate through wireless protocol, so there’s no need to demolish walls or install additional wires in your electrical network. The installation is quick and simple.

Connect the Qubino device behind your existing wall switch (check out the electric diagram), pair it with a Z-Wave gateway and control your device with a smartphone or set scenarios so they work automatically.

Qubino supports auto-inclusion, so after searching for new devices in your smart home App, the device should instantly appear in your App.