Qubino Flush Shutter DC

Qubino Flush Shutter DC is a wireless smart home device, ideal for remotely controlling 12–24 VDC motors of blinds, rollers, shades, venetian blinds, and similar sunscreens. The installation is quick & simple, behind the existing switch for shades. Because of the small size, it fits in the smallest, most shallow and most crowded electrical boxes, overflowing with wires. It works on Z-Wave technology and supports auto-inclusion for a quick set-up. It measures power consumption (W & kWh) and has the possibility to add a temperature sensor, to create more complex scenarios, based on the room temperature.

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Do you have motorized shades, and you want to control them with a smartphone? Or even better, set up schedules and your shades will automatically open and close?

Qubino Flush Shutter DC is a wireless smart home device, that will transform your motorized shades into smart shades. With Flush Shutter DC you can automate different types of shading systems, running on 12–24 VDC motors – blinds, venetian blinds, vertical window blinds, screens, curtains, etc. The only thing that matters is, that the shades tun on 12-24 VDC motors.

What functions does Flush Shutter DC support?

  1. Open/close the shades completely or set the % value (e.g. open shades to 50%)
  2. Adjust the slat angle, if your shades have slats
  3. Set schedules to open/close shades automatically
  4. Measure W and kWh consumption
  5. Option to connect a temperature sensor, to monitor room temprature and create more complex scenarios, based on the room temperature (temperature sensor is sold separately)

How it works?

Qubino wireless smart home devices are developed on world-known technology for smart homes – Z-Wave. Which means the Qubino devices connect with a smart home hub (gateway) that works also on Z-Wave technology. Through hub’s (gateway’s) App, we can add Qubino devices to the smart home network and control them with the smartphone or set schedules that automatically trigger devices on/off.

How to install?

Qubino devices communicate through wireless protocol, so there’s no need to demolish walls or install additional wires in your electrical network. The installation is quick and simple.

Connect the Qubino device behind your existing switch for shades (check out the electric diagram), pair it with a Z-Wave gateway and control your shades with a smartphone or set scenarios so they work automatically.

Qubino supports auto-inclusion, so after searching for new devices in your smart home App, the device should instantly appear in your App.